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#BowHoldBuddies @ ESTA UK Summer School: "Easier for all of our students to enjoy their beginnings!"

Many thanks to our UK distributor, for presenting Things 4 Strings bow accessories so well at last week's European String Teachers Association UK (ESTA) Summer School. Many teachers there optimize instruction time and speed progress by using our bow hold helpers with every beginner. Violin teacher Elena Crocker (CAIS Lisbon) sent along this lovely student pic and note below: 

That little boy is my son Kai J.
At our school we have purchased several of the classroom kits through the Portuguese luthiers that have businesses with Valles Trade. I was so happy to see it advertised at the musical fair at the ESTA UK Summer School for String Teachers! I highly recommended it, and said that at CAISL it is used in our beginning string orchestras and by a handful of little ones that take lessons with me at school. It has made it a lot easier for all of our students to enjoy their beginnings in the world of bowed string instruments.
I hope it gets wider distribution in Europe!
Best regards,

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More China Violin Class Pics!

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It's Actually Pretty Amazing!

Maddie, age 3, shows off beautiful bow hold and Things 4 Strings® Bow Hold Buddies® set in Purple Raspberry!

From Suzanne:
We received the Bow Hold Buddy in the mail yesterday. Great's actually pretty amazing how it causes her to hold the bow just perfectly. Her teacher is so happy!


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Fish Bowl of Value: Things 4 Strings Expands Popular Studio Kit Line


Responding to teacher demand, Things 4 Strings LLC announces the expansion of the discounted line of Studio Kits of its award-winning line of bow accessories.  Joining the popular boxed sets of either 12 Bow Hold Buddies® or 12 CelloPhants® accessories, the Things 4 Strings® Studio Kit: Hold Fish® provides a fish bowl of 24 Hold Fish® accessories for the support of the bow hand pinky finger of developing violin and viola players.  Offered in three color choices:  Bright Blue, Concert Black or Multi.  The accessories allow private studio and orchestra classroom teachers to optimize instruction time, tend to their student’s development of ergonomic bow technique, and realize cost savings of over 40%!  

Things 4 Strings® accessories allow beginning orchestral string players the benefits of a relaxed and effective bow hold right from their very first lesson. Eliminating the need for constant bow hold corrections, these learning aids speed players to better tone and bow control. Made in the USA, these accessories are molded of the finest medical-grade silicone rubber, are durable enough for years of use by many students, and are suitable for all bow and hand sizes.

Launched in 2009, Things 4 Strings® patented accessories have rapidly achieved popularity with studio and classroom teachers worldwide. "Your products are really wonderful. I think the fish is for every beginning student a must!"  said Nadya Canahuati, MM in Performance & String Pedagogy with Mimi Zweig.

Accessory inventor and studio teacher Ruth Brons has been honored for her work advancing strings education by the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) with the prestigious Kudos Award. “A Things 4 Strings accessory dramatically reduce the time it takes students to master a proper bow hold. Students' energy can be redirected towards other challenges. Better skills, greater joy!” said Brons. 

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News from Pune, India: Parent Deservedly Proud of Daughter!

Here's the photo of the happy user. :-)

That's Anaaya, my 7 year old, practicing her violin with her brand new Bow Hold Buddies.
Thanks Things4Strings.
Best Regards
Ashish Rathi
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