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Things 4 Strings® premium, patented string teaching tools (for violin, viola, cello, and French-style bow bass) are widely endorsed by top soloists, professionals, teachers, and students - and, sometimes, in the news!

Things 4 Strings in China!



Recently China has been high on our minds, with so much violin making and violin studying happening there.

With the recent addition of 10 Chinese trademark and registrations, our Things 4 Strings Intellectual Properties portfolio has increased to over 25 USA and international patents, trademarks and registrations. We also recently successfully defended our rights by invalidating in China courts TWO copycat Chinese patents.

Just last month Things 4 Strings accessories were again presented at the Music China: Shanghai music industry expo. We thank our China Agent, Jerrie Zhoa for all her work servicing so many teachers.

After the event, Ruth enjoyed presenting lectures and masterclasses at violin studios in Chongquin, Shangrao and Nanchang, as well as at Nanchang University.

Above, Ruth Brons enjoys a "Thank You"  performance from a young violinist who had a Bow Hold Buddies start. And below, Chongquin teachers explore the Bow Hold Buddies bow hold.

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Cal. State Univ. Study: How to Speed Success in Violin Group Classes

Things 4 Strings LLC logo Bow Hold Buddies Made in USA

Perfect Bow Hold in One Class! The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, California State University Study found that Bow Hold Buddies® accessories allowed the majority of student to formulate a correct hold after ONE class.

Teachers found Bow Hold Buddies® accessories "efficient" in a group setting because they not only teach a proper bow hold but are also fun to use. They agreed that the device helps to keep the pace of students' learning of right hand technique at the same level so the group class can progress at a steady pace, and no students are left behind. There was no need to stop and correct bow holds.

"Students can visually see where their fingers need to go. Now students can focus on other aspects of  sound production and learn left-hand technique."

Bow Hold Buddies in 1st Group Violin Class


Bow Hold Buddies® Accessories:

The Original!

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2018 ASTA National Conference

String teachers! Heading to ASTA?

Hands down, our favorite event all year -- because what could be nicer than hanging and learning with the string bunch that comprise the American String Teachers Association (ASTA)?

Please stop by the Exhibit Hall and say "Hello!" 

Ruth Brons, Things 4 Strings accessory teacher/inventor, will be on hand at our Booth #514 for product demos and teaching advice.

Our new partner Music & Arts will be handling Things 4 Strings accessory sales at Booth #305.


2018 ASTA National Conference

March 7-10, 2018

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Atlanta, GA 

Booth #514



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Meet Things 4 Strings accessories at the TMEA2018 Conference in San Antonio!

Meet Things 4 Strings at TMEA 2018 ant the Music and Arts Exhibit

TMEA is an organization of over 11,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. TMEA comprises five divisions: Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Elementary and College. TMEA leaders carefully monitor the actions of all state decision-making bodies on issues affecting fine arts instruction.

Music and Arts will be hosting Things 4 Strings at their exhibit, Booth #417, in the Henry B. Gonalez Convention Center. Meet Bow Hold Buddies and CelloPhant inventor (and studio violin and viola teacher) Ruth Brons, for product demos, news - or just to say "Hello!"

The TMEA Valentine Buzz on Twitter!


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Annet van Deinse, Netherlands "Viool" Teacher, No Longer Skeptical!

Vioolist Annet van Deinse

Hi Ruth ,

2 years ago I discovered your nice helpfull violin hold .

First I was a little sceptic , but it is really very helpfull !
It helped a lot of my students , thank you very much !

Kind regards
Annet van Deinse

Pictures of  my students  ....

Young girl plays violin with Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies accessory set on violin bow

Young boy plays violin with Things 4 Strings Hold Fish accessory on violin bow

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