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Terms & Conditions

Age Policy

While Things 4 Strings, LLC bow accessories can help musicians ages 3 to 103, you must be over 13 years old in order to complete transactions through this website.

Product Descriptions

The product descriptions and images displayed on www.things4strings.com are as accurate as possible. Things 4 Strings, LLC is not responsible for any misrepresentations.

Product Pricing

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Product Return Policies

Is the item you purchased not quite what you expected or needed? Things 4 Strings, LLC will accept returns on unaltered merchandise up to 30 DAYS beyond receipt. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.

All products must be returned in original packaging. If the product you wish to return is damaged or defective, please see our Damaged & Defective Good Policies.

Our product return process is easy. All refunds will be issued within 5-7 business days of product return.

Order Cancellation Policy

Things 4 Strings, LLC allows the customer to cancel any item that has not shipped from Things 4 Strings, LLC without any penalty of restocking fee whatsoever.

All cancellations are treated as cancellation requests.

To submit a cancellation request please contact our customer service at info@things4strings.com

Items that have been shipped cannot be cancelled, rerouted or redirected.

Damaged & Defective Goods Policy

All items that are returned as damaged or defective will be replaced by Things 4 Strings, LLC upon receipt.

Payment Options and Procedures

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amercan Express and PayPal as credit card payment.

Things 4 Strings, LLC's only bills its customers for the amount of the purchased items, associated shipping charges and, if applicable, NJ state sales tax.

Payment by Credit Card

Upon placing your order with Things 4 Strings, LLC’s with a credit card, the full amount of the purchase will be “authorized.” That is, this amount is held against your line of credit, though not actually collected (or "captured") for the period of not more than 30 days. Should the production or availability of the first item(s) on your purchase dictate that items not ship within this 30 day period, the authorized amount will be released from your line of credit.

Subsequently, when items ship after this period, the amount of the items to ship will be billed as they ship.

Payment by Debit Card

Upon placing your order with Things 4 Strings, LLC’s with a debit or checking card, the full amount of the purchase, again, will be “authorized” against your checking account. Please be advised that, while your bank statement may indicate that the full amount of the purchase has been charged against your checking account, Things 4 Strings, LLC absolutely does not bill its customers for merchandise that has not shipped.

Custom Order Transactions

Transactions for Custom Orders, such as for Custom Studio Kits, will be handled through PayPal. Email Ruth at info@Things4Strings.com with you Custom Order request, and she will create and email a PayPal Invoice for you.