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European String Teachers Association (ESTA) International Conference!


ESTA Slovenia is looking forward to hosting everyone at the forthcoming International ESTA-Conference in Ljubljana (European Green Capital 2016) from 26th to 30th April 2016:

"String instruments have been a major part of our European musical heritage for over a thousand years. Slovenia has always been at the crossroads of Slavic, Romance and Germanic culture. What could be more eloquent and appropriate than to describe the theme of the Conference as “the common heritage of all European peoples”?"


Things 4 Strings LLC is a proud Bronze Sponsor of this event. Things 4 Strings inventor and president Ruth Brons is looking forward to meeting her teaching colleagues at this event!

Things 4 Strings LLC is thankful and proud to have been awarded a grant (link to blog) through the NJ Step program to through the U.S. Small Business Administration's New Jersey Business Action Center.

The grant partially offsets the costs of this year's conference exhibitions, including the upcoming ESTA event, in support of New Jersey state trade and exports of products Made in the USA.



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Spring Cleaning!

(re-printed from our Spring 2015 Newsletter):

Hands down, this the favorite studio activity of the year.

At the first lesson or class after March 21st, I simply put some lemon oil or rubbing alcohol on cotton balls or small pieces of paper toweling.

The lemon oil is to clean "anything that's brown and shiny," andthe rubbing alcohol is to clean "anything that's black or silver."

I have been doing this for 30+ years, and am still amazed by how much the children enjoy and take pride in the shape and beauty of their most prized possession. Luthiers will tell you all that is needed is a daily wiping with a clean, soft cloth, but this once a year deep-clean brings the instruments back to their just-bought shine.

BTW, Things 4 Strings accessories are "dishwasher" safe -- or good with just a little soap and water!



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Cellophant works for me too!


 I’ve been a cellist all my life, but about two years ago had an injury playing a rather robust piece and believe I tore a ligament. After playing for more than 18 months with constant pain, (even after a 2 month rest) with exrays and suggestions that I was suffering from arthritis (I am not) I was ready to give up my spot in the civic orchestra. I would come home and have to splint my hand for two nights until it felt better.

 I accidentally stumbled upon your Cellophant and thought about it for about six months before I saw one at Groth Music in Minneapolis and impulsively purchased it. I installed it and honestly I feel like I am playing with training wheels. Yet, even with it’s astonishing bright pink color (the only one they had) I haven’t received too many comments from other players—I notice it more than they seem to.

  I am constantly changing my grip to try and figure out how to best hold the darn thing! But the changes to my grip are just what I’ve needed. I think I am using other muscles in the process. 

 And as I try to figure it out, I play in a number of different ways. It really has taken the strain off the area that has been so painful.  I realized the other day that I’ve misplace my splint! I don’t have pain during or after practice, rehearsal and performances. I’ve just finished practicing for about an hour running some difficult passages again and again and here I am typing to you.

 So, there is a market for folk like me who are semi-pro or recreational players and who might have sustained a repetitive injury.  For sure they will find a Cellophant will keep me, and them, in the game!

Thanks for your invention,

Peg Thomas

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The NAMM Show, Annaheim, CA Jan 21 - 24, 2016

For those of you who will be at NAMM 2016 this January,

and if you have not done so already,

please let us know: we would love to meet with you!

Simply email Claire (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) your preferred appointment date and time.

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2016 ASTA National Conference: March 2 - 5, 2016 Tampa, FL

American String Teachers Association

The American String Teacher's Association 2016 Conference is slated for Tampa, Florida.

Ruth Brons looks forward to meeting everyone in the Exhibit Hall!


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