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Why Summer is a Perfect Time to Sign Up for a Music Teacher’s Helper Free Trial

I have been thrilled using MTH (Music Teacher's Helper) for over 10 years now.  This fabulous service, designed by former studio teacher Brandon Pearce, allows me to easily and efficiently manage a host of lesson studio administrative tasks, allowing me to focus on productively juggling lessons, performing commitments and Things 4 Strings LLC. In addition to my prior MTH blog post, here are some more great points to consider now that summer is here.

For many private lesson music teachers, summer is a slower time of year. That’s why it’s a perfect time to be productive about managing your studio for the upcoming busy season. If you aren’t a current user of Music Teacher’s Helper (or haven’t heard of MTH!), let’s examine why right now is a perfect time to take advantage of a free trial.

Girl and dog all packed in car for summer vaction

Gradual adoption

It’s easy to add a student, schedule a lesson, then automatically invoice using our software. But that’s just the “tip of the iceberg” with what you can do. You may want to learn about the lending library, repriotore tracker, mileage input, and any number of other features that enhance the studio experience for you and your students. And there’s lots of great training support to do just that. With written articles, video tutorials, recorded webinars, and even personal setup support, you can go at your own pace to familiarize yourself with the features that you will be using for your studio. If summer is indeed a slower time, now is your chance to set up your studio administration for a smooth busy season.

Add Content to Your Free Studio Website

Music Teacher’s Helper provides professional website themes for you to choose from that you customize with a logo and content. Build exposure and credibility with a website just for your studio.

Doing this over the summer will give you time to focus on what content you’ll want to include.  You can add links, videos, and pictures easily. No website experience needed.

Every studio website also has a blog feature. Have you created a Facebook or Twitter account to promote your studio but struggle with what to post? Blogging helps market your studio because they show up in search engines like Google and can be spread across multiple social media networks. Good content gets shared and drives visitors to your studio website, where they’ll learn more about your services.

No Long-Term Commitments

Monthly pricing plans allow you to move up or down based on how many students you currently have in your studio. There is even a forever free plan available for up to five students. And waiting list or former students do not count towards that total.

Do you know which students are coming back at the end of the summer? Add them into the software now as a former student and convert them to active with a click of a button. Since you already added their information, lesson rate, etc., just schedule them on the calendar. They can then receive email lesson reminders (we have different profiles for child and adult students), a custom invoice with option to pay with a credit card, and after the lesson, you can type notes about how they did for yourself, or allow the student/parent to see the notes as well.

Summer vacation is a time for you to recharge and refocus as you prepare for another group of students. If you set up Music Teacher’s Helper now, you will be able to concentrate more on teaching your students in the fall.

Click Here For MTH Website: Signup for Free Trial Today!


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Miss He's Violin Stadium in Shenzhen City, China

Miss He's Violin Stadium in Shenzhen City, China

After sending our newest accessory color choice out into the world, we eagerly awaited confirmation that we had made the right choice.

A recent visit to Ms. He's class of beginning violin students gave us the answer to our question:

Yes, the girls love Purple Raspberry!

Violin class shows Things 4 String Bow Hold Buddies bow holds 


Miss He and her beginning violin class show Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies violin bow holds

Miss He and her lovely class of violin students.

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Success for Things 4 Strings® Accessories: PALM Music Expo 2015 in Beijing, China

Things 4 Strings® Sales Agent Jerrie Zhao helps young girl with her first violin bow hold!

The Leading Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology Exhibition on China's most prestigious stage, the PALM Expo 2015 in Beijing continued a long heritage from the successes from 23 successful past annual shows.

Things 4 String® bow accessories are proud to have part of this event servicing the thriving markets in Greater China.

Above, our Sales Agent Jerrie Zhao presented our popular line to the 62,000+ industry attendees -- including one of the world's newest and cutest violinists!


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Things 4 Strings® accessories at Palm Music Expo 2015 in Beijing

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Adult Violin Beginner Franco Esteve Tweets Thanks

What a pleasure to hear from one of the growing population on adult beginners, as we did today on Twitter! Indeed, Ruth initially developed Things 4 Strings® accessories for the benefit of the students (mostly children) in her own studio. But very soon after our launch, the enthusiastic adult beginner community wrote to us that we needed to offer our bow hold aids in a special color just for them: Concert Black!

Adult violin beginner Franco Esteve endorses Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies teaching aid



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Carla Trynchuk, Professor of Music, Andrews University: Special Needs Violin Student

We love helping typical beginners, tho' special applications especially warm our hearts. We are thankful to Carla for sharing this.

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