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Cal. State Univ. Study: How to Speed Success in Violin Group Classes

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Perfect Bow Hold in One Class! The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, California State University Study http://bit.ly/BowHoldBuddiesStudy found that Bow Hold Buddies® accessories allowed the majority of student to formulate a correct hold after ONE class.

Teachers found Bow Hold Buddies® accessories "efficient" in a group setting because they not only teach a proper bow hold but are also fun to use. They agreed that the device helps to keep the pace of students' learning of right hand technique at the same level so the group class can progress at a steady pace, and no students are left behind. There was no need to stop and correct bow holds.

"Students can visually see where their fingers need to go. Now students can focus on other aspects of  sound production and learn left-hand technique."

Bow Hold Buddies in 1st Group Violin Class


Bow Hold Buddies® Accessories:

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