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Little Turtle Cello Bench Review


by Martha Brons

Little Turtle Cello Benches

Finding the right size chair for your young cellist to use is very important for learning the instrument. 
I have long used adjustable benches, as children are expected to keep on growing. 
My own bench directions have been used many times.

The Little Turtle Cello Bench, available on Etsy, has so many special things going for it. 

  • The seat is slightly tilted, making it easier for the child to sit with tall back.
  • There is an optional adjustable back, to keep little bottoms from sitting too far back.
  • This bench is fairly light weight, made of Baltic plywood.
  • There is a nice hand hold on the bottom brace for ease of carrying.
  • The adjustable endpin stop is attached, so never gets lost. It even has a magnet to keep it from tangling.

This wonderful little bench comes in two sizes.  The SMALL fits a child 4 years, and even younger, for the tiniest beginner.  The LARGE would work well for students using ¼ German size cellos through ¾, I think.


It's Actually Pretty Amazing!
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