"Better Skills, Greater Joy!"

Why a Bow Accessory?

Adult cellist with CelloPhant® accessory

The cost of giving the gift of music accomplishment includes not only money, but also invaluable expenditures of effort and time.

A Things 4 Strings® patented bow accessory is a bargain that will maximize your investment on lessons and accelerate musical abilities – and ultimately the joy of playing an instrument.

Even with a best effort on the part of both student and teacher, it can take years of lessons and practice for most students to accomplish a stable and effectively relaxed bow hold.

Things 4 Strings® bow accessories work to teach beginners to hold the bow correctly without undue concern about the placement of their fingers.  Once the hand is trained the product may safely be removed from the bow. The accessory can easily be reattached if needed.

* Beginners, young and old,  enjoy the rewards of playing sooner, and progress though lesson material faster, because less time is spent on bow hold corrections.

* Continuing players have found these accessories very useful for remedial work.

* Therapists have found many special applications for players with physical challenges in their bow hand.

* Great for Suzuki Violin, Viola & Cello students, traditional private lesson students, school orchestra programs, and self -learners.  Universal-Fit, for all beginning players, ages 3 to 103!

Engineered with solid pedagogy - and FUN. All will love the colorful frogs, fish, and elephants!

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