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What size cello or (French-style bow) bass accessory should I use?

CelloPhant® accessory n use by all agesThings 4 Strings® accessories are indeed universal-fit, One Size Fits All, useful for both children (as young as three) and adult hands.  

Things 4 Strings® accessories are indeed universal-fit, One Size Fits All, useful for both children (as young as three) and adult hands.

The various anatomical features of our CelloPhant® accessory's elephant, such as toenails and legs, allow the cellist to feel reference points, for consistent bow holds from practice to practice.

Teachers appreciate the flexible-use design of this accessory, allowing for differences of pronation, depending on their own bow technique and student hand size. The accessory is useful for all hand sizes, age 3 through Adult.

Teachers of very young cellists have discovered the special features Martha Brons designed in the accessory for the very youngest Suzuki cello students: an alternate thumb location is to roll thumb tip around elephant's cheek (or between cheek and ear); and young ring fingers like to rest on the top edge of the elephant's leg.  Best tone results when the bow is rested on the string before the right hand is placed.

Jill Zor, Violist
December 2013 Newsletter