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When Things 4 Strings© accessories are removed, do students maintain their good bow holds?


Of course, student bow holds need monitoring/refining until....always!

But for most students, yes, when the time has come for their Things 4 Strings© accessory to be removed from their bow, the hand has learned the basics of what to do.

(See Length of Use FAQ post here.)

This is especially true for kinesthetic learners;  visual learners may require a more thorough bow hold re-explaination once the accessory is removed.

Aside from the bow hold help, three significant additional benefits of the accessories to a beginner are:

1) the relaxed bow hand translates into a more relaxed bow arm.

A relaxed bow arm much easier to work with and train!

2) the re-allocation of lesson minutes previously devoted to bow hold correction.

How many minutes of each beginner's lesson are typically spent on bow hold correction/explaination? 

Multiply those minutes by a year's worth of lessons, and you can quickly realize the accessory's value in recovered lesson time.

For example, in a studio offering 30 thirty-minute lessons per year, the re-allocation of just 5 minutes per lesson adds up to the equivalant of 5 entire extra lessons per year!   

3) the absolute removal of a major source of frustration in the beginning player experience.

When a fine teacher corrects a bow hold multiple times in a lesson (which is a situation that can occur for....years!), the message is the student percieves is NOT:

"Oh, how lucky I am to have such a fine teacher who cares so much about my future as a musician!

But rather, the student may well be thinking:

"There is something difficult about playing this instrument and I am not very good at it....."

Experienced teachers know that less frustration leads to a better learning situation.



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