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Simone Waters: Bass Bow Hold?

Originally posted on 2013-04-02 by Simone Waters  

Many thanks for a great invention!

I have been using your CelloPhant with my beginner cello students with Primary age students here in Australia, it is brilliant!

Do you have anything similar for Double Bass bows?

From Ruth: While originally conceived for cello, bassists using the French bow report they are quite pleased with the thumb management and anti-cramping benefits the CelloPhant® accessory provides their beginners. It can be stretched to fit onto a French bass bow, or simply used on a short cello bow.  


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Sharon, Parent

Originally posted on 2012-11-23 by Sharon  

We received the package yesterday and my son was very excited to try his bow fish.

I couldn't believe the results. His practice sounded so much better last night than it has previously.

It is a great little tool for my 4 year old.  


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Sarah, Parent of Violin Student

Originally posted on 2012-03-09 by Sarah  

It's really cool and Julian loves it!!!

I really like the attachment which holds the thumb since that was our main stumbling block.  


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Sarah Smitherman, String Orchestra Director

Originally posted on 2012-08-21 by Sarah Smitherman

Thanks for such a great product.

I have used the ones [my supervisor] purchased to try them out and plan on getting some this year.

Good luck with everything you do and thanks for such a great teaching tool.  


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Sarah Johnson, Violin Teacher

Originally posted on 2012-08-01 by Sarah Johnson  

I am a huge fan of the bow buddy and recommend it to all my beginning students - including my 2 sons who are playing.

Thank you!  


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