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Susanne, Violin Teacher

Originally posted on 2013-02-11 by Susanne  

My pupils love the Bow Hold Buddies, too and most of them don´t have to think about their right hand and arm and can concentrate on their left hand.

It´s really nice to work with them!  


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Susana Nogueira, Teacher

Originally posted on 2013-02-11 by Susana Nogueira  

I have the bow hold buddies for violin, and use them with my students.

I teach violin for about 17 years and I think these are a great help, and I use them for about 3 years now.

Thank you!  


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Susan Day, Elementary School Strings Teacher

Originally posted on 2010-03-10 by Susan Day

  Susan Day

I purchased your bow hold buddies at the national ASTA 2010 convention in California and have been trying them out on my students in my 5th grade string class.

They all want to use them and we take turns each day.

I've noticed immediate results with some of the kids that had very strange bow holds before and are feeling the proper way to hold the bow now after just a few times.

It's truly amazing and I think you are going to revolutionize string teaching! I wish each child would get one with their instrument when they rent their instrument for the first time.

It would save so much time, which can be used to learn the other aspects of playing, not to have to constantly correct the hold. I play in an adult orchestra with many teachers.

I brought the bow buddies last night (on the bows) and passed them around and everyone was so taken with them...!

Word will spread quickly with such a valuable and fun invention!

Thank you!  


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Stephanie Phillips, Composer, Improvisor, Violist and Music Educator

Stephanie Phillips, Composer, Improvisor, Violist and Music EducatorOriginally posted on 2012-05-04 by Stephanie Phillips


I LOVE your bow hold accessories.

I ordered the studio pack awhile back and I can't thank you enough!  


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Special Left-Handed Application

Originally posted on 2013-04-02 

Special Left-Handed Application of Things 4 Strings® bow accessory

Special Left-Handed Application for 9 year old Skylar, who, due to weakness from CP, plays violin with a reverse set up.

His insightful therapist saw that our CelloPhant® accessory could be used in a reverse application, sometimes also in conjunction with a Hold Fish® pinky support.  


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