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Keely Blaikner, High School Orchestra Teacher

Keely Blaikner's High School Orchestra

I was at the ASTA National Conference in Kentucky last week and I bought one of your Deluxe Teacher Kits from your display booth.

It was the only one you had and it was used to prop up the other kit that you were using.

When I returned to school this past week, I tried the Bow Buddies on my HS students' bows to try and break their bad habits.

It was amazing how my HS students took to using your frogs and elephants. I am buying more to help more of my students.

Some even agreed to sign them out for a week to practice at home with.

They loved how comfortable the Buddies were and helped them to relax their holds.

I love it because there is so much less explaining and moving of fingers that I have to do with my students.

Less time wasted and more time instructing...perfect! AND the students are learning the correct way to hold their bow after so many years of bad habits developing.

Love your products!

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Maria Bassett, Orchestral Strings teacher

I actually use your product for my 5 year-old.

It is fantastic!

He loves it, and I love that I focus on things other than his bow grip all the time!

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Jill Zor, Violist

Jill Zor

I have been recommending your bow buddy to young students for 2-3 yrs. now.

I discovered you online and LOVE the bow hold buddies! My 4-8 yr. olds love it and it makes it easier for them to learn!

Thanks for inventing it!



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Abigail Hull, Violin/Viola Teacher

Originally posted on 2012-05-29 by Abigail Hull  

Abigail Hull

I first saw your bow hold buddies at a music conference and was amazed!

I am a big fan!  


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Tracey Ryan Rush, Violin Teacher

Originally posted on 2012-08-01 by Tracey Ryan Rush

Tracy Ryan Rush

I have an adult violin student with fibromyalgia.

We've been struggling with her bow hold for months!

Finally it dawned on me that Bow Buddies aren't just for kids, and she was willing to try it.

The very next lesson she arrived, very excited, saying, "I no longer have pain in my hand and arm when I play! I'm finally doing it right!"

Thank you!!!!  


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