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Joan King, Violin Teacher

Violinist Joan King endorses Things 4 Strings® Bow Hold Buddies® accessories
Just wanted you to know that the pinky fish arrived today.

Thank you so much! I wasn’t expecting it so quickly.

I think I’ve tried everything on the market, plus homemade solutions, 

and the “fish” are the best I’ve found.


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Joanie Mercy, Violinist and Teacher, Rock Island, IL

Originally posted on 2013-11-10 by Joanie Mercy

Thank you so much for your Bow Hold Buddies!

I used to research stringed instruments and accessories for a music company, and a local college professor tipped me off to your Cellophant.

Our stores started carrying them as well as the Bow Hold Buddies.

I didn’t fully understand just how helpful these were until I started teaching my 7-year old daughter the violin, using the Bow Hold Buddies.

The Buddies position her hand and fingers on the bow in such a way that she has great control and sound – and her hand and arm stays relaxed!

Thanks again!

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Wendy, Cellist

Originally posted on 2013-11-10 by Wendy

I'm really liking my cellophant!

You'll likely be hearing from several other string players from up this way in the near future.

I've sent your website info to two teachers and several other adult students.

Thanks for a great product and your speedy service.

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