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Things 4 Strings® premium, patented string teaching tools (for violin, viola, cello, and French-style bow bass) are widely endorsed by top soloists, professionals, teachers, and students - and, sometimes, in the news!

We've been selected to be honored at 22nd Annual New Jersey Family Business of the Year Awards!

Letter to Things 4 Strings LLC regarding New Jersey Family Business of the Year

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Things 4 Strings® Accessories Celebrates 5th Anniversary!

Things 4 Strings® bow hold accessories, an idea born from two string teachers with over 75 combined years of  teaching experience, achieved manufacture five years ago this month. This feat alone practically qualifies as a miracle!

Ruth Inspects Bow Accessories

These popular accessories are now in use by teachers and students in all 50 United States and over 60 countries. Wow!

The governments of the United States, the European Union and Mexico have awarded our teaching tools eight patents and design registrations, with additional patents pending. Amazing!

In our own state of New Jersey, Things 4 Strings LLC has been selected to be honored this year by the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of NJ  and the Annual NJ Family Business of the Year Awards, and was named winner of the 2013 Invention Lives! in West Orange Contest. We are honored!

Our 100,000+ social media following provides a joyous daily reminder that our music education efforts are indeed a string world community project!  

We offer our sincerest Thank You to all teachers who have adopted Things 4 Strings® accessories into their beginning curriculum!

We also send some overdue #shoutouts of immense gratitude to our invaluable core team:





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Featured Dealer: Keller Strings



Bow Hold Buddies® accesory displayed in Keller Violin Shop 

Located  at 8209 Hampson St, New Orleans, Keller Strings offers a premium selection of violins, violas, cellos, bows, and their accessories.

This second generation full-service violin shop, owned and operated by Paula and John Smith,  has recently earned a nomination by the Louisiana Small Business Development Center for the 2014 SBA awards: Entrepreneurial Success Award and the Family Owned Business Award. They especially enjoy customer service, bows (rehairing and restoration), varnish touchup, restoration, and finding the correct instrument for their customers. 

Violinist demonstrating bow hold with Bow Hold Buddies® accessory set

"I really enjoy the Bow Hold Buddies because it makes my job easier at the shop. If I am showing a beginner (young or old) how to hold a bow and get a tone right away in less than a minute, this is definitely the product to start them off correctly. So many times we want our new customers to feel that they can do this, and fighting with a bow hold is just frustrating for them. I have sold many of these just by saying "I'm just going to show you how this is supposed to feel so you can do it at home!" We also love the Cellophant because of the weight it adds for young children. It is almost impossible to obtain enough weight in a small person to get the C string to make a sound without the Cellophant
Thank you,
Keller Strings"
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Featured Dealer: Mountain Edge Strings

Moutain Edge Strings violin shop and Things 4 Strings® accessory display



"We specialize in repair, rental and sales of stringed instruments, bows in all price ranges and sizes.
Our shop provides violin, viola, cello and bass rentals. Please stop by and you will be greeted by the owner, the dedicated luthier Frank Li."
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Ruth Brons Named 2014 Leading Women Entrepreneur NJ Finalist!

Leading Women Entrepreneurs Award


Things 4 Strings LLC president and inventor, Ruth Brons, is honored to be named 2014 Leading Women Entrepreneur NJ Finalist. 

The LWEI annually chooses a group of business women in New Jersey who exhibit outstanding performance and achievement in business and economic innovation, community involvement, and advocacy for women. Ruth Brons was cited for excellence and leadership in each one of these areas.

Last night, both Ruth and her mother, Martha Brons (the cellist behind our CelloPhant accessory!), enjoyed the amazingly accomplished company of fellow Finalists at a lovely reception hosted by Fairliegh Dickinson University.

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