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Things 4 Strings®  accessories help beginning string players around the globe enjoy head starts on their musical journeys, and they have done so since 2009. Top questions are answered here! 

If we have missed your question, please email Ruth:


Why a Bow Accessory?

Adult cellist with CelloPhant® accessory

The cost of giving the gift of music accomplishment includes not only money, but also invaluable expenditures of effort and time.

A Things 4 Strings® patented bow accessory is a bargain that will maximize your investment on lessons and accelerate musical abilities – and ultimately the joy of playing an instrument.

Even with a best effort on the part of both student and teacher, it can take years of lessons and practice for most students to accomplish a stable and effectively relaxed bow hold.

Things 4 Strings® bow accessories work to teach beginners to hold the bow correctly without undue concern about the placement of their fingers.  Once the hand is trained the product may safely be removed from the bow. The accessory can easily be reattached if needed.

* Beginners, young and old,  enjoy the rewards of playing sooner, and progress though lesson material faster, because less time is spent on bow hold corrections.

* Continuing players have found these accessories very useful for remedial work.

* Therapists have found many special applications for players with physical challenges in their bow hand.

* Great for Suzuki Violin, Viola & Cello students, traditional private lesson students, school orchestra programs, and self -learners.  Universal-Fit, for all beginning players, ages 3 to 103!

Engineered with solid pedagogy - and FUN. All will love the colorful frogs, fish, and elephants!

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What size cello or (French-style bow) bass accessory should I use?

CelloPhant® accessory n use by all agesThings 4 Strings® accessories are indeed universal-fit, One Size Fits All, useful for both children (as young as three) and adult hands.  

Things 4 Strings® accessories are indeed universal-fit, One Size Fits All, useful for both children (as young as three) and adult hands.

The various anatomical features of our CelloPhant® accessory's elephant, such as toenails and legs, allow the cellist to feel reference points, for consistent bow holds from practice to practice.

Teachers appreciate the flexible-use design of this accessory, allowing for differences of pronation, depending on their own bow technique and student hand size. The accessory is useful for all hand sizes, age 3 through Adult.

Teachers of very young cellists have discovered the special features Martha Brons designed in the accessory for the very youngest Suzuki cello students: an alternate thumb location is to roll thumb tip around elephant's cheek (or between cheek and ear); and young ring fingers like to rest on the top edge of the elephant's leg.  Best tone results when the bow is rested on the string before the right hand is placed.

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Are Things 4 Strings® bow accessories washable?

CelloPhant® accessory gets a bath

Yes! Accessories, when not installed on a bow, are washable in soap and water -- even the dishwasher, if necessary.


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Length of Use?

Typical Lengths of Use of Things 4 Strings® bow accessories :

Bow hold learning time varies quite a bit from player to player.  

Each accessory may be removed and re-attached as necessary. 

Because these accessories have been designed to not preclude the natural points of contact between the fingers and the bow, continued use, even after no longer needed, will not impede further development of the players' bow hand technique.

Early use of our bow accessories re-allocates time previously devoted to bow hold exercises and corrections to the work of advancing more quickly through other beginning material.

While length of use varies, we recommended removing the accessory before spiccato.

Factors affecting length of use include student age,  experience and teacher preference:

Players using the accessory from Day One often find their bow hold has gone into muscle memory after just a few months.  

Otherwise, during the second or third book of a method, or during the second semester for older beginners, 

or during the second year for younger students are good times to remove the accessory. The very young may require a longer period of use. 


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What are Things 4 Strings® accessories made of?

Manufactured in the USA, Things 4 Strings® accessories are molded of the finest medical grade silicone rubber, which has the capability of easily stretching to accommodate varying diameters of bow sticks and wrappings, from fractionally-sized to full-sized bows.

The material is durable, latex-free, and even dishwasher-safe!

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